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The Luv Eclipse philosophy

explores the classical world depiction of women, particularly in the feminine personification of the Moon. Drawing inspiration from the mythical lore of old, we are creating innovative jewelry meant for the multidimensional, modern woman. The multifaceted, patent Selene Cut diamonds and gemstones emphasize the archetypal gifts that have personified women for generations. Our jewelry evokes the graceful caress of moonlight while invoking the timeless power and force of the Moon itself. Join us in our celebration of the modern woman and all that she embodies. The dreamer, the innovator, the trendsetter and self-starter – join us in our celebration of you.
Luv Eclipse’s Patent Selene-Cut

Named after Selene, the alluring Greek Goddess of the moon, these patent-cut stones shine brighter than the rest. Utilizing a distinctive and intricate cutting pattern, the Selene Cut enriches the brilliance and luminosity of our carefully selected stones. The magnificence of our patent cut lies in the secrets of the additional facets. The result of unique expertise and the finest craftsmanship, the Selene Cut offers something that traditional stone cutting is unable to replicate. Originally created to illuminate the black diamond’s brilliant hidden flame, Luv Eclipse has since expanded the use of this pioneering cut to include luscious precious and semi-precious gemstones. The innovative Selene Cut invokes a magical and mysterious opulence every woman will enjoy. The Selene Cut has redefined the way light dances through both diamonds and gemstones, and we invite you to behold the rare radiance of Luv Eclipse.